Dwyane Wade made some interesting comments during the NBA Finals regarding his future with (or without) the Miami Heat.

It’s widely expected that Wade will opt out of his contract, explore free agency, and potentially sign with another team this offseason. But his father, Dwyane Wade Sr., says to ‘pray’ his son stays in Miami.

In an interview last Wednesday with the internet radio show, The Hot Corner, Wade Sr. made it very clear where he wants his son to play next season.

Host: We have a question from David in Miami. He wants us to ask you, “Is D-Wade going to stay with Miami next year?”

Dwyane Sr.: You know I’ve heard that maybe two-to-three hundred times. And the best answer I can probably give to that is, you guys have had D-Wade ever since he came in the league, let’s just pray with God that he stays here the rest of the way.

However,  Wade Sr. put himself in a contradicting position on Sunday by wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt during an event for his foundation.

This could all be a brilliant plan to keep us guessing, but Dwyane Wade has certainly been put an interesting predicament with the help of his words and his father’s words.

(Thanks CBS Sports for sharing.)